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HR educational processes rock!

FlexLearn offers integrated solutions for training, assessment and certification,
customized to the educational needs of your company.

Why Businesses trust FlexLearn

FlexLearn’s strengths form the competitive advantage of your company!

The talent management oriented platform, FlexLearn, leads to automatic CVs screening, compliance with the deadlines of training, interesting educational process through gamification, effective and consistent training without limits of time and place, employees’ assessment and certification, continuous information about stuff’s progress through detailed reporting and more functions of education. 

Let’s find out all the educational solutions offered by FlexLearn!



The HR Managers spend a lot of time trying to choose the suitable candidate for a job position. FlexLearn supports the Managers by providing them all the necessary tools for recruitment.

CVS screening

Candidates’ evaluation (skills assessment)

Compliance with the deadlines of the recruitment process

Saving money and time in the recruitment process


FlexLearn helps you to train your employees effectively. Don’t worry about the place and time of the training or the way of creating the educational material!

Talent management oriented

On time and consistent way of training

No limits in place and time of training

Easy creation and upload of the educational material


The FlexLearn platform is the necessary tool for testing, assessing and certifying your stuff’s skills

E-testing, assessment and certification of the employees

Innovation in the assessment process through Gamification

Plenty of different types of exercises

Consistent way of assessing


FlexLearn allows you to peruse information about the results and the progress of your employees. This gives you the overall picture about strengths, weaknesses and future educational goals.

Direct and continuous information about employees progress through detailed reporting

Results at an individual, group, learning subject, unit and subunit level

Great variety of reports

Detailed statistics, (e.g. top-10, time, scores, exercises)


Communication is a significant element in education. FlexLearn facilitates communication and collaboration among all users.

Platform of communication and notification

Direct and easy communication through instant messaging.

Notification about events though calendar

Information about news, links, files and course’s information

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