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Our innovative cloud based platform, FlexLearn, offers integrated and customized solutions in education.

Effective training and assessment with FlexLearn

FlexLearn is a pioneering cloud based e-learning platform, which has been developed according to ADDIE educational model  as well as to latest technology.

Everything needed is located in one place! Instructor creates and uploads training material easily and quickly, spends no time in correcting tests and remains informed on progress students’. Trainee remains organized and informed, has direct and easy access to knowledge, learns at his own pace, is tested, receives feedback and communicates with other users.

Let’s see all training tools offered by FlexLearn!


Organize trainees in learning groups and arrange learning paths easily and quickly!

FlexLearn’s backend tools help you to allocate trainees in learners groups and define the responsible professors for training and examining. You can structure lessons and manage content of every learning unit easily and quickly.    


Educate your trainees effectively!

Training process is not restricted by time and place. Our e-learning platform, FlexLearn, ensures consistency of training process.  Trainees are asked to study the theory and have the opportunity to check the gained knowledge through self-assessment exercises.


Assess and certify your students!

FlexLearn offers all necessary tools for e-testing, assessing and certifying your students’ skills and knowledge. You can choose the type of exercise that meets your assessing needs – there is a variety of exercise models! Examination and certification process is always on time and consistent.


Stay informed on students’ progress!

FlexLearn allows you to peruse information on students’ results (monitoring). This gives you the overall picture about strengths, weaknesses and future educational goals. Our platform offers you detailed statistics, e.g. top-10 of students, scores, and reports (detailed reporting).


Set communication in the center of training process!

FlexLearn offers a communication platform which facilitates collaboration among all users. Users communicate through instant messaging and remain informed on events and news.

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