FlexLearn's characteristics and functions

FlexLearn, Innovative e-learning solutions

Cloud-based, talent management oriented and gamification focused

FlexLearn offers training solutions tailored to your needs. Integrated tools allow you to manage courses, organize exams, track progress and communicate. You may only choose the features you need in order to fulfill your educational goals.

E-learning platform's features

Cloud-Based application

No requirement for special equipment. It can be used by anyone with a Web browser, desktop or mobile device.


Achievement of high return on investment (ROI) and payback of training program.

Multiple user roles

Multiple roles in learning process with different rights of access (trainee, instructor, administrator).

Talent management oriented

Aiming to attract, develop and retain talented people who can meet current and future organisational needs.


Friendly navigation and easy connection to the platform.


High degree of control and maximum safety.

Powerful functionalities


Using gaming elements in the training process.

Content management

Easy creation and management of training material.

Monitor and track

Detailed statistics and reports on trainee’s progress.

Various types of exercises

A great variety of different types of exercises for self-assessment and examination.

Training solutions tailored to your needs


White labeling and tailoring according to your needs

Mobile friendly

Fully responsive to mobile phones and tablets.

Multilingual platform

Our innovative platform supports multiple languages.

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